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how to order:

if you would like to order any photo from my photoblog, please get in touch with me. tell me what photos do you want, your address and any other things you would like to ask » click here to contact me about ordering



photo: all the photos are printed in a fujifilm or kodak lab, under photo paper. the price of the photo depends on its size: 10x15 (cm) » 5,00€ // 15x20 (cm) » 10,00 € // 20x30 (cm) » 20,00€ . any other size feel free to ask me!

shipping: the shipping cost depends on the number of photos and the destination, but it should be something about 2 euros for europe and 3 for the rest of the world (almost the same cost in dollars)

payment: the payment is usually made by paypal or credit card, but you can discuss that later.







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